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2015 Virginia Acts of the Assembly, Chapter 760

Construction Procurement Survey



As required by Chapter 760, all public bodies as defined in 2.2-4301 of the Code of Virginia, including public institutions of higher education, shall provide a written report for any non-transportation related construction project* in excess of $2,000,000 that was procured by any method other than competitive sealed bidding.

The Overall Project Activity Submission (Project Summary Recap) eForm must be submitted quarterly even if there was no project activity.  Public Bodies that do not submit the appropriate e-forms will be reported as non-responsive.

 Only report data that is known as of the end of the reporting period.

Project information shall be updated each reporting period to reflect the latest information available for each project.

If one of the alternative procurement methods is indicated on the Overall Project Activity Form, a corresponding form SHALL be submitted for each project utilizing the method indicated. (See detailed instructions below for more information on how to submit these forms.)

Please report data only for those projects that meet all three of the following criteria:

                                  Project construction value is in excess of $2,000,000

                                  Project was not procured by competitive sealed bidding

                                  If after July 1, 2015 one of the following has occurred:

                                   (a)  Construction Management at Risk - Project Request for 
                                          Proposal was issued.

                                   (b)  Design–Build - Project Request for Proposal was issued.

                                   (c)  Job Order Contracting - JOC Contract was 
                                         awarded or renewed.

                                   (d)  Energy Savings or Energy Performance Contracts -
                                         Back of the Envelope Proposal Request was issued.


Currently Unavailable

If a Public Body does not anticipate any construction procurement activity meeting the criteria listed above prior to July 1, 2017, The Public Body may submit a No Overall Project Activity survey form. This form will meet the reporting requireme nt for the Public Body for the duration of the survey, provided that the Public Body does not procure any construction meeting the criteria above prior to July 1, 2017. In the event the Public Body procures construction meeting the criteria above prior to July 1, 2017, the appropriate survey forms must be completed in accordance with Chapter 760, 2015 Virginia Acts of the Assembly. To complete the No Overall Project Activity form click the link below:

       For any other non-standard procurement method or questions on reporting requirements, contact the Bureau of Capital Outlay Management at (please include your name, organization, and phone number and include "Procurement Report" in the subject line) for reporting requirements.


* See Definitions for more information regarding what qualifies as a non-transportation related project.


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